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This guide is for fosters who desire to rehome cats for whatever the reason


Fosters should drop off their cats (in carriers) by the designated time stated in the weekly text message. Most of the time it will be 11:00 AM Saturday morning. A little early or late is fine.
You should plan to pick up your cat (if not adopted) by 3:00 PM. Please call or text if you
need to vary from this schedule. If you wish to stay with your cat during the event,
arrangements MUST be made in advance; preferably when you confirm kennel space. Those
who wish to stay are expected to help setup @ 10:00 AM and or breakdown @ 3:00 PM.

All cats  must  be Spayed  or Neutered,  have  a current  paper  ‘certificate of rabies vaccination’, be current  on Worm  and Flea treatments   and have  received  an FVRCP vaccination. Microchipping  is also required.   W2W  can provide  microchip   service  if you wish.


Cats  must  be strictly indoors for at least  14 consecutive days before bringing them  to an adoption event. This gives  any illness or disease time to become evident.

Cats  must  be contained in an appropriate pet carrier while  transporting to and from  the adoption event.

Cats  MUST be able to be petted and handled by potential adopters. (There are exceptions to this rule)

My volunteers have appointed tasks and responsibilities. Please do not ask them to do things or tell them what to do. If you have a problem, let me know!!

Documentation required:

A cat profile for each adult cat, including a color photo.

A Foster Agreement. Multiple cats can be named on a single foster form.


No check marks! Please read and initial all paragraphs. Attach all available vet records if possible.

If you need an exception or wish to discuss any of the above, please call /
text Ron McCuen @ 713-504-7838 or email to


For Fosters bringing their cats to adoption for the first time.
FIRST TIME FOSTERS 02-22-2023.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [516.2 KB]
Foster Agreement PDF
Fill out this form to join for our foster program. Call Ron McCuen @ 713-504-7838 if you have questions
FOSTER AGREEMENT 8-10-2022.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [299.7 KB]

 The W2W foster program is for those people who wish to provide shelter, food and care for animals in their home, (Foster Home), until such time they are adopted. Fosters should be financially able to provide these services and normally include cats they have found or cats they need to rehome for whatever reason. Every Foster is a unique situation. Call me to discuss your particular details. Ron McCuen 713-504-7838




1. Fosters must drop off thier cats between 10:00 AM  & 11:00 AM,  (a volunteer will come to your car if you need help),  at this time we have Foster Family events at the Humble PetSmart only.


2. Fosters are not permitted to stay in the adoption area after dropping off their cats unless special arrangements are made with Ron McCuen 713-504-7838.


3. Adoptions are every Saturday from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM


 4. If not adopted, the foster will pick up their cats BETWEEN 3:00 PM -  3:30 PM and come back the next weekend.


 5.This process will continue until the animal is adopted. 


 Fosters MUST be at least 18 years of age and if living with parents, etc. must have their permission to be a foster. Fosters must also complete an orientation and instruction session. The session will vary in number from a single individual to a group of potential fosters.

Cat Profile Forms

Each cat will require a separate profile complete with a color photo attached.
This form will be made available to potential adopters and contains information to help them make a decision.
Cat Profile MASTER 09-10-2022.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [888.2 KB]

Kitten Addendum Form

Kitten Addendum
This page is for kitten adoptions ONLY.
Adobe Acrobat document [135.5 KB]

Volunteer Information

Consent Release Form to Volunteer
This form must be completed by a parent or guardian for under age volunteers.
Form must be signed in presence of an authorized W2W Officer.
Parent Release 08-02-2022.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [73.3 KB]

The W2W volunteer program is for those wishing to donate their time and talent in a variety of ways.

Volunteers under 18 year olds must have a signed "consent" form from their parents, and complete an orientation and instruction session. The session will vary in content based on prior experience.

Volunteers will serve at our Humble Petsmart sdoption location on Saturdays and occasionaol Sundays.


Volunteers will help set up / breakdown the tables, kennels,etc. and will help answer basic questions from potential adopters and other duties as assigned.


STUDENT volunteers can earn credits if their school offers a community service program.

Be sure to check with your school staff and bring the form with you when volunteering. 


Call or text Ron McCuen @ 713-504-7838 or email  to join our volunteer program. Minimum age is dependant or maturity, prior experience and must provide a signed release from your parent or guardian. I will need your name, email address & phone number.


NOTE: Release form must be signed in person by parent or guardian.


You may also come by our adoption events on Saturdays to join or speak with me in person.



Volunteer Guidelines
A flexible document describing volunteer duties.
Volunteer Guidlines 03-30-2023.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [998.9 KB]

Adoption Manager Information

Adoption Managers are a key element providing assistance to adopters and the W2W Director or Officer in charge.


Handling cats & kittens, answering questions, helping with our paperwork and

 helping adopters unfamiliar with handling cats and working with adoption center management and employees as an official representitive of Wags to Whiskers of Texas, Inc.


Managers MUST be experienced volunteers with exemplary performance over a sustained period of time with Wags to Whiskers of Texas


To become an Adoption Mnagers you must apply in person at one of our adoption events on Saturdays.


Please call or text Ron McCuen @ 713-504-7838,  

Email to set up an appointment.

Wags to Whiskers of Texas, Inc.

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If you would like to share a story about your rescue pet, send us a photo and it may be featured in our Pet of the Week corner.


Ron McCuen

Director and Foster Coordinator


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